Friday 20 January 2012

To Kuala Lumpur via Melaka

From Johor Bahru we took a bus north to Kuala Lumpur, via Melaka. Melaka is a photogenic town with delicious food (which is perfect for us) and it is great for an overnighter if you don’t have much time. If you stay in the old heritage listed part of town, everything you need within an easy walking distance – head up the river to see some interesting wall murals (a new street art addition), eat some Poh Piah (fresh spring rolls with handmade wrapping skins) and get stuck into some Nonya Laksa.
Melaka walkway Arches.
Pidgins in Melaka
Mural art along the River - Melaka
Popiah - Melaka
Laksa - Melaka
Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and it’s just like any other big city, except the food is better, and the jams (of the traffic variety) are worse. Here we caught up with family over many meals, feasts, and banquets.
Chinese restaurants, in the lead up and during Chinese New Year, have a dish called Yee Sang, or Lo Hei depending on what dialect you speak. It starts off as separate ingredients on a plate placed in the centre of the table. The waiter adds some sauces and spices and at some restaurants they recite a poem as they add each ingredient. Then the people around the table attack the salad with their chopsticks, calling out “Lo Hei!” as the salad gets vigorously tossed on the plate. I have to say its most efficient way to mix something I have come across, even if it is a bit messy. Just check out the photos.
First Pickup ...

Second Pickup ...


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