Thursday 26 January 2012

Penang National Park

Today we gently nudged our fitness levels. Unfortunately, we both failed miserably. Eating non-stop for six weeks, with breaks only to sleep, bathe, talk a bit and drive to the next eating destination results in not much time to exercise. This equates to being unfit which, laced with laziness, makes a four hour return jungle trek to a lighthouse on the top of a hill annoyingly difficult.

Ok, in hindsight it was actually an interesting walk along the beaches and coastal forest path of Penang National Park to the admittedly handsome Muka Head Lighthouse with panoramic views of the island. It was a good way to spend time with my uncle and cousin brothers, and we found a new appreciation for Maggi noodles, cooked Malaysian style. But we're definitely going to need to do a lot more than this before we even think about tackling Nepal.

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