Tuesday 21 February 2012

Riding on Borders - Day Five

See Map for Day Five

I woke up early to explore and capture the grounds of the Mae Saelong homestay in the morning light.

Thatched Roof - Mae Saelong, Chiang Rai Province

Flowers - Mae Saelong, Chiang Rai Province

Flower - Mae Saelong, Chiang Rai Province

Firewood - Mae Saelong, Chiang Rai Province

We said our goodbyes and were soon off the hill roads and onto the main highway. We stopped for a short visit to the nine levels of Wat Tha Ton, the guidebook advising us that it would be a 30 minute walk covering 3 kilometres. So off we went up the hill. It was bloody steep and we quickly worked up a sweat in the searing hot sun. 30 minutes came and went, and we only made it to the 8th level before having to rest in the shade and take stock of where we were.

The eighth level - a Chedi at Wat Tha Ton.

I checked the GPS. We had done 3 kilometres, but with all the rests and looking at the religious structures at other levels, we had already been walking for over an hour. I could see the final ninth level wat off to the distance behind two more hills ... screw that, I’m going back to my bike.

Doi Chiang Dao

We discovered the little Chiang Dao cave village at the foot of Doi Chiang Dao after confidently losing our way through farmland. We found accommodation which miraculously managed to satisfy both our cravings at a bargain price (Tia wanted a pool and I wanted a hammock), and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and reading books, followed by a romantic candlelit fusion dinner for two.

Our most expensive meal in Thailand (1055 baht).

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