Monday 6 February 2012

Koh Adang National Park

Just a couple of kilometres north of Koh Lipe is Koh Adang, a much bigger island with green forested hills and more sandy beaches. We were eager for some national park action, so we spotted a long-tail boat that looked like it was on its way across. Ben whistled down the chow lair (sea gypsy) boatman, and a few hand signals later the long-tail was pulled up on the beach. In my eagerness to get on the boat I failed to realise that waves keep coming and heavy backpacks make me sink into the sand, so I flopped onto the deck thoroughly soaked waist down.

We stayed on Koh Adang for a couple of days. After a steep but relatively short climb, we had a terrific view of Koh Lipe from Chado Cliff all to ourselves. Ben's attempts at a sunset photo were thwarted by a few scraggly bushes and a rather large hill, but I enjoyed watching the eagles ride the updrafts over the cliff as the sun went down.

View of Koh Lipe from Chado Cliff - Koh Adang

The following day we explored the granite rocks and mini beaches along the south of the island, returning back the way we came once we found a section that was impassable. The granite was surprisingly sharp - Ben managed to tear his pants on an embarrassing rear location, depleting my tiny sewing kit faster than anticipated.

A friendly local offered to guide us for free as we started the Pirate Falls track. Usually we are wary of over-friendly strangers, but this one seemed to know where she was going, plus Ben thought she was cute. She casually led us over the tree roots and rocks, waiting patiently for us to catch up as we lumbered our way over them. The falls themselves were nothing spectacular, but it was fun in a Robinson Crusoe-ish way to splash around in a pond that yesteryear pirates used for fresh water, after being led through the forest by the village furry friend that Ben won over with a simple whistle and scratch behind the ear.

Ben following a friendly dog that decided to be our guide to Pirate Falls - Koh Adang

Sunset on the beach was a relaxing swim in the calm waters, serenaded by some local chow lair with guitars.

Locals singing and playing guitar on the beach - Koh Adang

Beach Sunset - Koh Adang

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