Tuesday 1 May 2012

From East to West

Almost There. A long sunrise before landing in London
It was a long but relatively comfortable flight from Hanoi, Vietnam to London, United Kingdom by Qatar Airways, the latest airline to get all the good reviews. Even Ben managed some winks when provided with a little sleeping kit of eye cover, ear plugs and soft red socks. London Heathrow greeted us with thick, grey cloud cover under which fat rain drops reigned and sogginess was law. Hello England, nice to meet you too.

Despite landing early, getting through British customs was a long slog, standing in a ninety minute queue. We had gotten used to waiting in Southeast Asia, but tacking it to the back of a 20 hour flight and slight jet lag was just cruel. We wondered how the airport would cope with the Olympic sized crowds of international passports to come, as we were finally, albeit cheerfully, stamped through. It was then straight through baggage pickup into the waiting hugs and smiles of family.

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  1. Was waiting with open arms. So lovely spending a month with family. All good xx