Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mui Ne Sand Dunes

I have looked forward to seeing these from the initial planning of our trip and the photo tour had a few special photo shoots organised for us. We left the hotel early and headed north to arrive at the dunes while it was still dark.

Our tour leader, Malcolm arranged a few models to walk along the dunes wearing traditional Vietnamese conical hats and carrying baskets. As the sun rose behind one of the girls I captured this shot that I particularly liked.

Rising in the East - sand dunes north of Mui Ne
While the others were taking photos of another model, playing with sand (not my kind of thing). I headed off to capture what I love, the landscape. Sand dunes would have to be one of the most photogenic landscapes I have found. I loved the way the fine texture of sand, the ripples on the surface and the curves of the dunes played with the light. It all just worked. Here are a few of my efforts, although this is something I need to improve on and I hope to practice more when we return to Australia.

Ripples - sand dunes north of Mui Ne
Curves - sand dunes north of Mui Ne
Sweeping Shadows - sand dunes north of Mui Ne
A Long Line of Shadows - sand dunes north of Mui Ne
Sand Wave - sand dunes north of Mui Ne